So, you are planning to cook a spicy Indian gravy, on a relaxed weekend for your family. You will quickly put the raw ingredients through your food processor, and start cooking the same. Or let’s say, you want to try the new and exciting recipe for preparing a blueberry sponge cake. In no time will you prepare the batter with your latest hand blender, plug in your microwave oven and bake your favorite cake.

New electronic appliances which have been introduced into the market recently, have brought about a swirl of change in our kitchens. With the shift in times, cooking methods and culinary trends have undergone certain transformations. The traditional and old ways of cooking, are slowly but surely being replaced by the new electronic kitchen appliances.

Everyone loves to gorge on lip-smacking lunches, palatable dinners, and mouth-watering snacks. However, the tedious preparations which are involved in cooking those food items can feel like quite a nuisance at times. Cooking preparations for making a rich meat curry surely drains your mental and physical energy. Endlessly grinding spices, chopping vegetables, kneading doughs, mixing batters, and squeezing fruits for juices, is no doubt a lot of hassle for your everyday routine. Therefore, the smart consumer of the current times has switched from the conventional to the modern mode of cooking.

Here are some appliances which are an integral part of a modern kitchen today, and have simplified lives up to a large extent.

Microwave Ovens
Microwave ovens have surely made preparing cake easier for us. Earlier, baking used to be conducted in the traditional and slow functioning ovens or sometimes also in pressure cookers. Now, be it preparing the latest style of cakes, muffins, brownies or make grilled delicacies, the microwave oven is equipped with mostly all the functions. All you have to do is to understand the functioning and operate it accordingly. Simply, select cooking options that are mentioned on the appliance, and your job is done. Microwave ovens cook faster and also keep your environment cool.

Multi-Functional Gas Stoves
Before the multi-functional gas stoves were introduced, multi-tasking was always such a hassle in the kitchen. Mornings were always panic-ridden due to preparing more than one food dish, and large family dinners always used to be so time-consuming. Now, consumers prefer to buy this kind of a gas stove, simply because of the time it saves and the efficiency it increases.

Hand Blenders
Hand blenders gained so much of popularity among consumers because of their quick and hassle-free services. You can prepare your desired papaya smoothie or strawberry milkshake in a matter of seconds, by the means of a hand blender. The parts of the blender are washable, so cleaning it after use is also not too much of a trouble.

Sandwich Toasters
The morning hour is always packed with a lot of frenzies, which makes you rush through the breakfast hour. Preparing the traditional breakfast is not always possible in your hectic schedule. Therefore, making sandwiches is a more convenient option. And, a sandwich toaster is an ideal appliance to prepare yummy sandwiches, in a matter of a few minutes, with minimum oil.

Food Processors
The stress of chopping, cutting, slicing, juicing, squeezing, mincing, blending, grinding, and liquidizing has been completely absorbed by the advent of food processors in the market. Thanks to the manufacturing companies, today the market is flooded with different ranges and styles of food processors, both high and low in cost. Food processors have simply made cooking so much fun, not to mention time-saving.

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