The world of sports is highly competitive. To make an impression, athletes need to be in the best form possible. They need to have strength, stamina and the drive to perform well. To improve strength we include weight training in the daily work out routine and to increase stamina we include various endurance building exercises but to complete the workout and to make sure that you are a strong competitor you need to include agility training in your workout as well. Agility is the ability to respond quickly. It is about being able to move quickly and accurately without having to think too much about it. If the players on a team are strong and agile then the team will be very difficult to beat. There are various exercises that can be used to improve response time and to make a player more agile and they are known as agility exercises. In this article, we will find out more about agility training and what kind of equipment can be highly effective in agility training.

Agility training should be a part of the training regimen of every athlete. In sports like football agility training can help a player get out of tough corners and avoid serious injury by moving quickly. Runners can get out faster from the gate with the help of agility training. In sports like soccer and basketball, agility training can improve a player’s ability to handle the ball. A great agility exercise that does not require any special equipment is running at different speed at random intervals. To do this exercise you make a person run in front of the athlete. After a light jog to warm up the person should randomly change the speed at which they are running and the athlete must make sure that they keep pace with the person running in front of them. A number of agility training exercises can be designed with the help of traffic cones. The most basic being the ‘T’. Line up four traffic cones in the shape of a ‘T.’ The athlete must sprint up the stem of the ‘T’, at the point where the stem meets the bar of the ‘T’ the athlete must shuffle to the end on his left then shuffle all the way to the other end on his right, then shuffle back to his left to the midpoint and then turn around and sprint back to the base.

The most important piece of equipment for agility training is the agility ladder. Their ladders are made out of plastic and rope and thus, unlike a real ladder, there is very little chance of injury if an athlete falls or makes a mistake. Agility ladders can be rolled out onto any flat surface and can thus be used indoors and outdoors. To improve agility, athletes must jump into the empty spaces between the rungs of the ladder and make their way to the end of the ladder as fast as they can. These exercises will help train the twitch muscles of the athlete and will improve their response time.







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