Are you in two minds about buying a toaster oven, especially since you already have a large oven at home? If your home is small then a large oven will take up too much space. However, you’ll be surprised to know that there are quite a few reasons to pick up one of these ovens as well as an addition to your kitchen equipment:

• Quick pre-heating – Since these ovens are relatively small, they take very little time to pre-heat. In fact, they take less than a third of the heating time. If you have to cook a very small meal, such as for one or two people, or even heat up some leftovers, then the smaller oven will be the best option.

• Easy to clean – The smaller surface area of a toaster oven means that it can be cleaned relatively effortlessly and quickly.

• Power savings – A smaller oven will naturally use less power than a larger one and should, therefore, be used whenever possible. You can get even greater power savings by buying an oven that has convection feature. If your home is centrally air-conditioned then the smaller oven will not affect your air-conditioning bill very much. If you are an energy-conscious person or just want to save money then you will be happy to use a small oven.

• Versatility of use – There are many different uses that your small oven can be put to. You can use it to toast nuts or bake small batches of cookies or muffins. Also, if you have a turkey roasting in the oven then you can cook the stuffing or any other side dish in the small oven. It can also be used to defrost frozen foods. Finally, you could also use the small oven to heat up dinner plates before you put food on them.

As you can see, you might not be able to use your toaster oven to cook large meals but it can certainly help you put together your elaborate meals or just a meal for a couple of people. These ovens are quite inexpensive and you will also be able to find space on a countertop to place it. Since there are quite a few options available to choose from you will easily be able to select one that can meet your needs perfectly. Keep in mind that its best to buy a  model with many features if you plan to use a toaster oven for all your toasting, baking, and roasting needs.


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