Suzanne Somers, actress and author who is best known for her role played in the popular sitcom ‘Three’s Company’, has become an advocate for alternative and natural health since she contracted breast cancer in 2001.

Somers, who elected to fight cancer using mistletoe injections has released her eighteenth book, entitled “Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness”, which imparts Suzanne’s individual approach to combating illness using natural remedies to fight free radicals that have an adverse effect on our health.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, urinary tract infections rate second on the highest incidence of infection within the body scale and account for some 8.3 million doctor visits per annum. While women and men suffer from the condition, women are more susceptible, with one in five contracting the illness.

Suzanne Somers focuses on natural ways of fighting and improving our health by using products such as D-mannose – a simple sugar that is found in tree bark that closely resembles glucose that is found within our body – and explains why the use of antibiotics, which traditional doctors prescribe are having such an adverse effect on our health.

Have you considered yourself why so many people are contracting cancers and other debilitating illnesses?

The simple truth is that we are not providing our body with enough nutritional value, as most of our foodstuffs are contaminated with chemical residues and toxins. Plus, when we become ill we then use antibiotics that destroy both “good” and “bad” bacteria within our bodies, and this then weakens our immune system further. However, using natural products such as D-mannose enables us to remove harmful bacteria without affecting our overall health.

Suzanne Somers is living proof of how natural remedies and cures can enable you to thwart illness and rejuvenate your body as you age, as she believes wholeheartedly in stem cell rejuvenation in order to maintain your health. As Suzanne explains research has found that we all contain fetal stem cells within our own bone marrow, which is then able to be harvested and can then assist you to repair and rebuild organs and tissue that has been damaged when you contract a debilitating illness.




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