The Reishi mushroom is considered to be an excellent tonic for the heart. It is very beneficial in keeping the blood vessels clean and flexible by reducing plaque build-up. This is because of its ability to interfere with the production of excess cholesterol. As a result, the medicinal mushroom is able to ward off many problems that are associated with the heart.

Reduces Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Cholesterol is good in the body. It helps to produce vitamin D, DHEA and other beneficial hormones that the body needs. However, as with anything, in excess amounts, it can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease.

Reishi is very effective in being able to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels within the body. Both of these can contribute to problems with the heart if not dealt with before it is too late. According to studies, the Reishi is able to stop the production of cholesterol in the liver, and thereby reduce the amount of cholesterol that circulates the body.

Reduces High Blood Pressure and Atherosclerosis

High cholesterol levels are often the cause of high blood pressure. The excess cholesterol circulates in the bloodstream and eventually, it binds with other substances along the arterial walls. This substance is known as arterial plaque, and it can potentially narrow the arteries. As a result, high blood pressure occurs.

Atherosclerosis is another condition that can result due to plaque buildup. This, in turn, can put one at risk for stroke. Since Reishi is effective in reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood, the chances of developing high blood pressure and atherosclerosis are greatly reduced.

Prevents Blood Clotting

Blood clotting is good when it comes to an injury somewhere within the body, as it can help to prevent excess bleeding. However, when the clumps form within an artery or blood vessel where there is no injury, it can result in poor blood circulation, and in some cases a heart attack and even death. Reishi has shown positive results in this area as well, as it can help to prevent excess blood clotting.

In order for the Reishi mushroom to be effective, it should be combined with a healthy diet that is low in unhealthy saturated fats, but yet moderate in good fats. Due to the strong effect, it is not recommended to take the mushroom for more than three months on a consecutive basis. Those who are allergic to other mushrooms are not advised to take Reishi.



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