I chose to invest in myself. Time management is a topic most of us deal with and are eager to adopt ways to save time and energy that will allow us to make room for everything we need to do. I find that when cuts need to be made to my schedule, it usually is my wants, like adequate time for exercise, that get the cut. Making time for workouts at a local gym or fitness club, while offering many added benefits like social interaction and variety, also have a heavy cost regarding time; commute, parking, check-in/out, and waiting for equipment availability. To fit in the amount of time involved regularly is often just not doable.  


My solution has been to invest in aids to have quality exercise time at home, that way ensuring I get in my workout while cutting out the added time for the gym.  I do try to attend the gym once a week for a workout, gaining variety, social interaction, trainer coaching and checking out what is new.   


I took some time looking for a home gym that would fit my space, budget, and need, the market is varied and extensive. After only a short time I was sold on the Bowflex HVT, Hybrid Velocity Training.  Packed full of features:

.Strength and Cardio workouts

 .nearly full-gym set-up in the comfort of home 

 .efficient 18-minute workouts designed to get results

 .effective and safe cross-training

 .3 pre-programmed workouts created by top-level fitness professionals and targeted to specific goals.

    • Sprint (power, speed, recover), Circuit (strength, form, range of motion) and Builder (strength, endurance).  
    • 16 levels of resistance to control the intensity of your workout.
    • Tracks work rate, intensity and fitness programs with Total Power Score Technology.
    • Bluetooth® 4.0 compatible for easy syncing.   
    • .50 unique exercises with unlimited variation to tailor your workouts to your needs.


The Bowflex HVT is a sturdy, quality piece of equipment. It’s space-conscious, and ideal for maximizing my at-home gym workout. I made a very good choice.






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