It’s not unusual for gamers to treat their computer and its related accessories very carefully. That is because they spend a lot of time using these products, thus making it quite logical to find the best models available, even if this takes a substantial amount of time. And this doesn’t apply only to the tower, though this forms an important purchase. Gaming monitors are equally important because the gamers depend on these devices for viewing the game. That’s a strong reason for game fanatics to take the process of choosing their personal monitors very seriously.

However, selecting the right model can be indeed challenging. Followed by the computer, this is the most vital accessory that can affect your gaming pleasure seriously, and you should not spare any efforts in locating the most appropriate piece. Do not hesitate to seek help from other gamers, should you find it difficult to decide the matter on your own. After all, it is not a cheap accessory, involving a considerable amount of your money. So here are some tips that will go a long way in helping you choose the best monitor and obtain the maximum pleasure while gaming.

LCD / LED Monitors

When you are baffled in your selection of the kind of monitor you should have, always opt for an LCD / LED monitor, rather than an old CRT monitor. The explanation is that LCD / LED monitors last for a much longer time than the CRT ones. Other benefits of LCD / LED monitors include a smaller size, low consumption of power, a light weight and the fact that they cause less strain on the eyes. Have I mentioned that the view quality is much improved?

Size of the monitor

The size of the monitor should not escape your attention if you are buying it especially for gaming. The most popular sizes fall in the 15-23 inches range. Well, the pleasure of playing on a larger monitor can’t be denied, but that certainly adds to your expenses. So, purchase one in size that matches your requirements without hurting your pocket.

Response time

This is another feature that matters if you are procuring a monitor especially for the purpose of gaming. Simply put, the response time means the time it takes a pixel to change from one color to the next. You won’t really enjoy your gaming when the quality of pictures on your monitor is poor. Eight milliseconds is considered to be the ideal time for a gaming monitor.


Image resolution varies with the monitor. A high image resolution gives better quality image. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a LCD/LED monitor with high-resolution for maximum pleasure.

As you can guess, all companies offer some special features for the promotion of their products. It helps to go through the reviews of different models and compare their prices and specifications before deciding on one. You can also research the experiences of other users with the monitor you plan to purchase.




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