Trampoline exercise has been considered one of the most effective forms of exercise due to the many health benefits associated with rebounding. Rebounding is a unique exercise due to the G-forces experienced during the bounce. During every bounce, the body experiences weightlessness at the peak of every jump and 2 – 3 times the force of gravity during the upward bounce. The forces produced when bouncing strengthen the bones, muscles, and cells.

This is why in the weightlessness of space astronauts will keep themselves fit by applying some stress on their bones while exercising to prevent muscle and bone degeneration.

This exercise does not just have the effect of strengthening the bones and muscles but also stimulates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is like the garbage can of the body removing dead and cancerous cells, viruses, heavy metals, and foreign substances.

Because 90% of modern-day illnesses and afflictions are immune-related, treatments are often best stimulated by activation of lymph.

From everything from weight loss, reducing blood pressure, stress and diabetes to increase muscle and bone strength, lung capacity and balance plus all the other benefits you should find rebounding an exhilarating and fun exercise.

Advantages of Trampoline Exercise

While trampoline exercise has more health benefits then other exercises it also has other advantages over other exercises like jogging and aerobic exercises that involve high impact on a surface. While your body is designed to run, it is not designed to run on a concrete surface, which is what pounding the pavement involves. Many who jog regularly can end up with micro-trauma injuries to their heels and ankles. Shock is transmitted up through the hips to your spine.

When bouncing on a trampoline you do not have to worry about the potential shock impact to your joints, skeleton or muscles. The impact is absorbed by the trampoline surface and the risk of damage to your muscle fibers is significantly reduced as the peak force isn’t nearly as high. Also, the G-Force measured at your ankles, back and forehead is more equally distributed when you bounce, compared to floor exercise where your ankle joints take more than twice the impact of your lower back or head.

Things to Consider

Before purchasing a trampoline it is important that you purchase the correct type of trampoline for rebounding. You should ensure the following


Ensure your trampoline has a guarantee. A high-quality mini trampoline designed for rebounding can be fairly costly and some trampolines are built better than others and do not last nearly as long.

Trampoline mat

Ensure that the mat is of high-quality material with strong stitching to prevent jarring. Also, the surface of the trampoline should be at least 40 inches in diameter.

Quality springs

The quality of the springs will determine the quality of the bounce. They should be made of galvanized metal to give them strength and rust resistance.

Replacement parts

It is also important that the trampoline is constructed in such a way that worn or damaged parts such as the mat or springs can easily be removed and replaced.

Outer cover

The outer cover of the trampoline should be of thick vinyl or fabric and completely cushion the springs.

Trampoline Safety

While trampoline exercises can be performed on any trampoline, trampoline exercises are usually performed on mini trampolines rather than the garden trampolines. Unlike garden trampolines, mini-trampolines can be used both inside and outside the house and are not meant for high jumps or somersaults. They are also relatively safer as they are closer to the ground and produce a smaller bounce.

However, like most exercises, there is a level of risk. You should consider the following before preparing an exercise routine.


Ensure that you leave enough space around the trampoline and that it is free from furniture and hard objects which could cause injury.

Balance Bars

If your balance is not so good or you’re not so agile consider a balance bar. These attach very easily to the legs of the trampoline and provide a grip for your hands. This can give you more stability and balance.

Broken parts

Parts of the trampoline that have become severely worn or damaged should be replaced. Breakages during bouncing could cause severe injury.

Whatever trampoline you decide to buy there is a large diversity to choose from in varying sizes and shapes. They can be great fun for the whole family, both old and young and a great way of staying fit.

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