The dog owners often find commuting with the pets very problematic. If you are in a hurry then it is better to carry him or her in a carrier rather than strolling. Normally the carriers are bought when the owners have small species in their home. The big boys are better on their feet rather than on your back as it might cause back pain.

Choosing the right carrier

When your dog likes to travel the world as you do then you need a carrier for a better journey. Sometimes, the roads and busy places are quite overwhelming for the pawed friend. This is why it is necessary to own a perfect dog carrier for your best friend. Choosing a carrier is not that difficult but there are certain factors that need to be taken care of.


The first thing that every dog owner does is to measure the pet. Previously the carriers were very bulky and were available in the form of crates but now they are found in various designs. Some of the designs are even wearable.

The pet must be measured properly. First, the height from the shoulder must be accounted for carefully. There are mainly two types of carriers, one which rests on your body and the other that maintains its own shape. The backpacks, bags, and slings are the ones that will use your body to gain support. This type of design must have 2 to 3 inches extra room for the shoulders of the pets.

The wearable designs are the best for the medium to small-sized dogs where they can snug easily and be comfortable throughout the journey. The carriers with a hard framework must have 3 to 5 inches clearance for the shoulders so that the dog does not feel congested or hurt itself while traveling.

Types of designs

Apart from the standard carriers that provide a hard framework, there are many designs available where the dogs will feel very comfortable due to the materials used and formats adapted to make them.

A soft-sided dog carrier is the smaller version of the cute friends. These carriers are approved by most of the public transport mediums. These are printable rectangular bags that can be folded very easily.

Wearable sling bags are the newest in the market. They have a trendy outlook with varieties of designs. The shoulder-sling style is the ultimate choice for those who own a small or medium yet lightweight canine. The head of the pet remains free outside the sling bag for better views and comfort.

The front backpacks are designed to carry the dogs in the front. The design is almost similar to that of the baby backpacks. The legs hang out and the body of the canines gets good support inside the bags.

The wheeled carriers have rollers under the infrastructure which enables the owner to carry the dog comfortably. The purse style is for the very small novelty ones that have very little weight.





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